A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge

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Pages: 256

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Pub Date: 05/11/2001

ISBN: 9-780-8203-2304-6

List Price: $25.95

A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge

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This new edition of A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge offers readers a chance to revisit a contemporary classic of fly fishing literature, a book that takes the reader through a year of fly fishing backcountry mountain streams from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Camuto's love of trout fishing is wedded to a keen awareness of both history and nature. Although the author has fished for trout from Oregon to Russia, he still lives in the shadow of the Blue Ridge and still considers its trout streams to be the best rivers he has ever fished.

A treasure for any fly fisherman.

—Nick Lyons

The best book about fly-fishing to come along in some years.

—Verlyn Klinkenborg, Fly Rod & Reel

A series of deeply moving essays on an American region by an angler with an eye for detail and a poet's way with the language. Camuto's first book reminds one of Annie Dillard, Edward Abbey, even Thoreau.

Virginia Quarterly Review

A book that is both environmental journalism and literary celebration—both human history and natural history. Very few fishing writers can do all these things at once, and even fewer can do them as well as [Camuto] has.

The Flyfisher

One of the best written fishing books that has crossed our desk in many years.

Virginia Daily

The kind of book you pull down from the shelf on a windy, cold January evening, after you've put another log on the fire and poured a big mug of coffee. It will move you onto a May trout stream in just a paragraph. . . . [Camuto's] look into the Blue Ridge Mountains goes well beyond the minimizing haze. He is as good a researcher and analyst as he is a writer.


A work of homage to wild native brook trout.

New York Times Book Review

This isn't your usual how-to book about what to buy, what to use, what prayer to say in order to win the Governor's Trophy. Rather, it concerns the experience of fishing as a relaxing, enjoyable recreation, without hoopla and tournaments. Get it at any bookstore. You'll find this small volume perfect for a pleasant fireside evening, especially if you are concerned about the future of angling.

Virginia Gazette

About the Author/Editor

CHRISTOPHER CAMUTO is author of A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge and Another Country (both Georgia). He has written for a wide range of publications, including Field & Stream, Fly Fisherman, Sports Afield, and Sierra. Camuto is also the book review columnist for Audubon and Gray's Sporting Journal and writes the "Watersheds" column for Trout Unlimited's Trout magazine.