Introduction to Housing
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Introduction to Housing

Edited by Katrin B. Anacker, Andrew T. Carswell, Sarah D. Kirby and Kenneth R. Tremblay

With Housing Education Research Association

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Pub Date: 06/01/2018

ISBN: 9-780-8203-4968-8

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Pub Date: 06/01/2018

ISBN: 9-780-8203-4969-5

List Price: $130.95

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Published in association with Housing Education and Research Association

Introduction to Housing

Edited by Katrin B. Anacker, Andrew T. Carswell, Sarah D. Kirby and Kenneth R. Tremblay

With Housing Education Research Association

A comprehensive approach to understanding housing in the United States and abroad

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This foundational text for understanding housing, housing design, homeownership, housing policy, special topics in housing, and housing in a global context has been comprehensively revised to reflect the changed housing situation in the United States during and after the Great Recession and its subsequent movements toward recovery. The book focuses on the complexities of housing and housing-related issues, engendering an understanding of housing, its relationship to national economic factors, and housing policies. It comprises individual chapters written by housing experts who have specialization within the discipline or field, offering commentary on the physical, social, psychological, economic, and policy issues that affect the current housing landscape in the United States and abroad, while proposing solutions to its challenges.

The breadth of the second edition of the book is commendable. Although the book will no doubt
meet the needs of faculty and students as a textbook in a variety of university housing-related courses, it will also be useful as a resource for housing researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and even housing consumers.

—Carla Earhart, Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

Introduction to Housing presents a clear, comprehensive, and accessible review of a broad range of housing topics. As an expansive and interdisciplinary collection of short essays, it is not the type of book that anybody will read from beginning to end. Rather, it is the type of book that everybody will continually turn to for that one chapter that provides the perfect, succinct overview of an issue. It is also the type of book in which everyone will find at least one chapter that teaches them something new—I certainly did … I suspect that this reference book will become a favorite for not only planners but also for academics and practitioners in other fields as well.

—Carolina Reid, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning

Mira Ahn

Akin S. Akinyemi

Jorge Atiles

Julia O. Beamish

Marilyn J. Bruin

Christine C. Cook

Dennis Culhane

Petra Doan

Rosa Elena Donoso

Rachel Bogardus Drew

Marja Elsinga

Heidi Ewen

Rosemary Carucci Goss

Annie Hardison-Moody

Kathryn L. Howell

Suk-Kyung Kim

Sarah D. Kirby

Joseph Laquatra

Kirk McClure

Jean Memken

Deborah Mitchell

Ann Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Mueller

Shirley Niemeyer

Kathleen Parrott

Deirdre Pfeiffer

Corianne Payton Scally

Martin Seay

Cherie Stueve

Daniel Treglia

Becky L. Yust

About the Author/Editor

Katrin B. Anacker (Editor)
KATRIN B. ANACKER is an associate professor of public policy at George Mason University and the North American editor of the International Journal of Housing Policy.

Andrew T. Carswell (Editor)
ANDREW T. CARSWELL is an associate professor of family and consumer sciences at the University of Georgia and the editor of Encyclopedia of Housing.

Sarah D. Kirby (Editor)
SARAH D. KIRBY is a professor of agricultural and human sciences, and the Family and Consumer Science Program Leader, at North Carolina State University.

Kenneth R. Tremblay (Editor)
KENNETH R. TREMBLAY (1953–2015) was a professor and extension housing specialist at the College of Health and Human Sciences, Colorado State University.